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Oh my bug, the insect recipes

Oh my bug is a food project designed and made with Anouk Zoet. It combines video-making, food photography, web design and social media promotion. 

Oh my bug was born out of the desire to combine the pleasure to cook and to experience new ways of eating while having a sustainable mindset. Besides being small, insects are very nutritional and they offer great possibilities to give an original twist to regular recipes. The part we like the most is the fact that eating insects does not come at such an high price as eating meat. The impact of the meat industry on our environment is out of proportions and we can no longer ignore this harmful fact. We want to explore a more humble way of cooking which does not sacrifice the pleasure of eating a tasty dish.

Oh my bug shows you easy recipes, with ingredients that you can find everywhere, that won’t take you long to prepare and are healthy and delicious!

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Aubergines with quinoa & mealworms

Aubergines with quinoa & mealworms